How Do I Know if My Backyard Can Have an Inground Pool?

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Most yards can hold a pool. But before your dream pool becomes a reality, read ahead. Property lines, ground line locations, ample space around your pool’s perimeter, and working with your existing terrain are a few things that help you when planning a pool location. 

Passion Pool & Pond has been helping people design their dream pool, decking, water features, and surrounding yard since 2009. We work exclusively with clients within a 45-minute radius of our St. Marys Passion Pool location. See our location map.

Book an appointment with the Passion Pool team or read our quick list of suggested considerations that may help you decide the size of your pool while you gather your wishlist. 

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1) How do you find your property or boundary lines?

Before planning your inground dream pool, whether you live in Kitchener, Stratford, Woodstock, Ingersoll, Baden, Waterloo, Tavistock, or St. Marys, you must first find your property or boundary lines. 

In all instances, your pool has to be a certain distance from the property lines. If you haven’t recently done a survey or have your original survey from the time of your home’s purchase, there are a few easy ways to find your property lines:

Usually, you will have received a copy of your lot survey when you purchased the home; if you do not have one Go to a land registry office in your municipality. They will provide a copy of your survey for a small fee (usually $25 – $30). 

2) How do you know where underground lines are? 

Cities and municipalities do not have records of locations for cable lines, gas lines, or hydro lines; This information needs to be gathered through Ontario One Call.

Passion Pool & Pond takes care of all of your locates for you as part of your project!

3) Will the condition of your yard’s terrain be an issue for the construction of a pool?

The condition of your backyard terrain shouldn’t be a concern. The Passion Pool & Pond team is skilled at retaining wall construction if your topography requires it. 

Rocky or sandy soils present slight challenges, which are part of the project we will discuss with you. 

Call us at (519) 949 0774 or book an appointment.

4) How much room do you need to walk around a pool?

It’s nice to have enough room for a pool surround that is wide enough for two people walking beside each other. 

Most people want at least a 3-foot deep area for planting small shrubs and perennials or 6-10 feet for larger shrubs or small trees beyond the decking if space allows. 

5) How many feet are required for construction access to your backyard?

Usually, we love 14-foot wide access to your backyard. That allows easy access to any equipment and your pool. We have been known to get creative when that number isn’t obtainable.

6) Obtaining a building permit is always something we take care of.

Passion Pool & Pond are thorough professionals, and we pride ourselves in having teams that ensure high-quality results for every one of our clients.

If you are unsure of what you need, ask Passion Pool & Ponds to help determine the size of your pool. We design and install vinyl-liner and fibreglass pools, pool surrounds, water features and hardscaping. See all of our services here.

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