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Pond Removal

How can you remove your backyard pond? Although labour intensive, you can remove your own pond. YouTube videos and online articles will help you with the process, step by step. Passion Pool & Pond also provides pond removal services if you prefer not to tackle it on your own.

A pond removal process is fairly straightforward, although it has many steps to its process. Your pond removal may take a few weekends but while you work, you can redesign the space providing a great refresh for your backyard.

First, however, a few things should be organized like rehoming any fish. Always call a reputable pond supplier and donate your fish.

You must never add koi or goldfish to natural lakes or ponds. Carp and Koi, as filter feeders, starve-out competing native fish. Likewise, goldfish should never be added to your pond or our natural waterways as they are an invasive species, and quickly overbreed, taking limited food from our native fish.

A pond removal contractor will help you efficiently remove and fill in your existing no-longer-wanted pond.

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Common Pond Removal Questions

  • What can I do with an unwanted pond?

    Passion Pool & Pond offers pond removal services. If the removal of your pond is manageable on your own, many people will buy or accept your pond, its plants, and stones to build their own pond. Rubber degrades over time so let the new owner know it may be better to purchase a fresh liner.

  • How much does it cost to close a pond?

    To close a pond for the winter season, Passion Pool & Pond charges between $250 – $500 depending on a pond’s required services and size. If you’ve decided to retire your pond and wish to have it dismantled, we evaluate the extent of the removal or its backfill. The cost can be $500 – $3,000.

  • Can you fill in a pond?

    A pond’s hole is easily filled in, or you may wish to turn it into a bog or use the spot to transplant a mature tree. You can order soil delivery and transport it yourself with a wheelbarrow if you fill it in. Measure the average depth and circumference to know the required cubic feet of soil.

  • How do you permanently close a pond?

    If you choose to permanently close a pond on your own, list everything that will be removed to better organize it all. Call an electrician to close off properly or repurpose the electrical, and a plumber to close its water supply and mark the locations. We provide pond removal services.