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Fiberglass Pool Installers

Fibreglass pool construction highlights a single molded unit; it is critical that you choose experienced fibreglass pool installers. Although fibreglass is very strong, its structural integrity is vulnerable, especially during installation; it must be installed with expertise to avoid fibreglass repair.

Fiberglass Pool Installers

Fibreglass Pools Ontario: No pool is as tricky to install as a fibreglass pool.

There are, unfortunately, many instances of a fibreglass pool installation gone wrong. By the time the consequences of a poor installation are noticed years later, there will be little proof left to allow you any appeal.

A fibreglass pool is a significant investment. The decision to say yes to a massive backyard undertaking requires proper planning, expertise, and knowledge; this can only be guaranteed through many years of experience in the business and installation of fibreglass pools.

If you are looking for fibreglass pool companies near London, On, Stratford, Thamesford, Ingersol, Embro, Exeter, or Kitchener, our extensive team will not only save you money but also provide you peace of mind.

At Passion Pool & Pond, we have experienced water feature specialists on staff, and are exclusive fibreglass pool contractors. We are vinyl liner pool, custom pond, and hot tub installers. Passion Pool & Pond is guided by the talented designer Johnathan Riehl, its original owner since 2009.

Common Fiberglass Pool Questions

  • How long should a fiberglass pool last?

    Fibreglass pools, made of molten glass and resins, have extreme tensile strength. Manufactured as a single molded unit, they are known for their beauty and longevity. Fibreglass pools are worth the money; with proper backfilling and care, they will last decades from 20 – 35 years.

  • What are the cons of a fiberglass pool?

    Although fibreglass pools are worth the investment, they cost more than a vinyl pool. A poor installation can impact a fibreglass pool’s life expectancy, but there aren’t many cons to a fibreglass pool. A fibreglass pool shell cannot be altered but is available in many shapes to offset this.

  • Is a fiberglass pool a good investment?

    Most people agree that a fibreglass pool is worth the investment; it is highly durable, algae resistant, and available in many beautiful shapes and colours. A fibreglass pool lends itself to elegant coping finishes and pool surrounds. A fibreglass pool lasts for decades with a proper installation.