Pool Renovations

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Pool Renovations

Passion Pool & Pond are pool renovation experts that know the value of a well-executed pool renovation. Meet with Johnathan and the team to discuss your existing pool concerns; they’ll help you choose the repair process that gives you the optimum impact for your money.

If you need pool renovations near Stratford, Exeter, Kitchener, Thamesford, Woodstock, or Embro, Ontario, Passion Pool & Pond are experienced pool renovators and pool contractors who provide the very best in pool repairs and upgrades.

Passion Pool & Pond are top pool builders with financing options available, so your pool renovation can expand to the scope of your vision with the best upgrades. Include a spa or water feature, a refreshing slide, or change the depth of your pool or its shape.

If your current pool no longer suits your lifestyle, a pool update is just what you need. You can easily update a vinyl liner pool to make it look modern and refreshed. Are you looking for a new concrete pool surround, a vinyl liner replacement, energy-saving equipment, or would you like your old pool modernized with a depth change?

Can you change the shape of your pool? Yes, however, changing a pool’s shape is a pool renovation that is practical only for a vinyl liner pool since the fibreglass pool is manufactured as one unit and cannot be changed on-site. We, unfortunately, do not service concrete pools.

We are seasoned pool builders who regularly provide pool renovations and beautiful upgrades to our clients’ existing pools.

Common Pool Renovations Questions

  • How much does it cost to replace a pool vinyl liner?

    If your vinyl liner pool is older than 5-9 years, the liner is approaching the end of its functionality, and you should consider a new pool liner. The current Canadian price range for a high-quality pool vinyl liner is roughly $2,500 to $6,000, depending on your chosen thickness and size.

  • How do you modernize an old pool?

    The top 3 ways Passion Pool & Pond modernize your existing older pool are to:

    • Redesign the pool surround and landscaping
    • Resurface the pool interior
    • Add a water feature

    We save you time and money with beautiful pool updates that your family and friends will love and enjoy.

  • What pool upgrades are worth the money?

    Although everyone’s priorities are different, the following pool upgrades provide value. They either save you money, provide safety and peace of mind, or add fun. All are worth the money:

    • Structural repair
    • Automatic safety cover
    • Slip-proof pool surround
    • Night lighting
    • Added outlets
    • A slide
    • Water features