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Pond Maintenance

The rewards of a pond are multi-layered. Watching a dragonfly’s metamorphosis or experiencing nighttime toad lullabies are just two of the therapeutic wonders that pond owners invite into their yards. Weekly pond maintenance becomes part of the rhythm of pond ownership.

There is no better way to feel relaxed and close to nature than adding a pond to create your own oasis in your backyard. Your pond serves an important role in supporting the urban and rural wildlife with necessary water, food, and habitat.

Pond maintenance companies can take on some of the work allowing you to experience a pond’s beauty and relaxing qualities, and realize your own sense of purpose in life.

The more you appreciate a pond and the beauty it brings to your life, the more the pond maintenance becomes a source of pride. The created wildlife habitat; the water source, shelter, and food sources mature throughout the years, becoming an important and beautiful ecosystem in the area. Contact Us

Common Pond Maintenance Questions

  • How do you maintain a pond?

    Maintaining a pond is similar to caring for a garden. Regular weeding, natural algae control, and water-plant-growth control are inevitable parts of pond maintenance. Pond algae can quickly get out of hand, especially during the hot days of summer. Ponds require more maintenance than pools.

  • Are ponds a lot of maintenance?

    The best things in life require maintenance. Backyard ponds are beautiful, relaxing, and a meaningful way to bring nature to you. If you find the pond maintenance is more than you have time for, maintenance services that consider your level of desired physical input are available.

  • How do you take care of an outdoor pond?

    A man-made outdoor pond is similar to a pool in its seasonal care. The water line is drained in the fall and the pump is removed for the winter season. Most plants are cut back in the spring to provide overwintering homes for insects, and a hole in the pond ice is maintained, so fish receive oxygen.

  • How often do you need to clean a pond?

    A man-made pond must be cleaned regularly. The pump must be checked every few days to clean its filter, especially during a heavy algae bloom. Algae is natural so removing the algae once a week and skimming out fallen leaves will help its control. Mud accumulation must be cleaned out once a year.