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Pool repairs vary from DIY underwater patch kits and unclogged lines to those that are complicated and are best left to professionals. Drain leaks, plumbing, and structural cracks are always complex; these are jobs for a pool repair specialist.

Some pool repairs are more complicated when they are underwater. If you aren’t sure whether your pool can be repaired or you don’t know how to patch a pool liner underwater, it’s a good idea to call Passion Pool & Pond; water product, installation, and repair specialists.

Whether you live in Kitchener, Exeter, Woodstock, Listowel, or Embro, we provide swimming pool repair services, done competently and correctly.

Is a crack in a pool serious?
Although shifting of soil is normal whenever ground is disturbed, if the soil moves or settles enough, a void in behind a pool wall is created, and opposing water pressure on the inside can crack the wall. No matter the kind of pool, if a repair to a structural crack is required, the work can also include extensive backfill work to ensure the issue will not repeat itself.

Fibreglass pools:
Your pool must be drained in order to repair any fibreglass pool cracks.

Vinyl liner pools:
Cracks to the wall of a vinyl liner pool are unlikely to occur. However, tears in liners do sometimes happen, in fact, your vinyl liner will require replacement over time, as this is a natural degradation of vinyl. If you are a do-it-yourself type, you can patch a pool liner with water in the pool as long as the extent of the tear is small. A long ragged tear is best left to professionals.

We expertly handle all types of pool repairs; don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Common Pool Repair Questions

  • Where is the most common pool leak?

    The most common places for a pool leak are at corners, seams, at the tile line, pipe or lighting openings, and at the throat of the skimmer. Use a squeeze bottle with coloured syrup to expel an amount of syrup where you suspect the leak is. You’ll see it move toward the leak so a repair can be done.

  • How do I fix a leak in my pool without draining it?

    To fix a leak without draining a pool, cut a rounded edge large piece of flexible wide tape. Apply the tape patch and if the leak is on the bottom of a liner pool put heavy weights over it for 24 hours. An underwater repair kit can be used. By smoothing the patch well, you can fix your pool leak.

  • Can a pool leak be fixed?

    A pool leak can be fixed; it is a matter of finding it as quickly as possible before the damage spreads. Passion Pool & Pond has years of diagnostic experience that saves pool owners time and money. When a pool leak is hard to find it can feel stressful so it’s always best to call an expert.

  • How can you tell where your pool is leaking from?

    Finding where a pool is leaking from can be difficult for a homeowner who hasn’t experience in pool-leak detection that experts have. If you try on your own, test whether it leaks with equipment off, at the equipment pad, or whether the water level drops below the skimmer to rule out possibilities.