Coverstar Pool Covers


Coverstar Pool Covers

Passion Pool & Pond loves to support skilled and quality-focused Canadian companies. When our clients ask us about the best and most beautiful motorized, App automated, or manual-track swimming pool safety covers, we know who to recommend, Coverstar™.

10 benefits of a Coverstar™

The 10 benefits of a Coverstar™ safety pool cover enhance your swimming pool experience and allows you peace of mind when you aren’t home:

  • Your pool stays cleaner; you spend less time skimming and cleaning your pool.
  • Less water evaporation with a complete seal, saving you up to 90% on water bills.
  • The warmth of your water remains much longer, saving you up to 70% on heating bills.
  • Fewer chemical applications due to less evaporation save you up to 70% on chemicals.
  • Pool pump and heater use are greatly reduced, saving you up to 50% in electricity bills.
  • Close and remove the cover in less than a minute with motorization for quicker pool fun.
  • 100% peace of mind with total protection for children, guests, pets, and wild animals.
  • Extend your pool season; using a Coverstar™ pool cover lengthens the time of a heated pool experience by up to three months.
  • It withstands our Canadian winters with a small amount of preparation, eliminating the need for two covers. See the Winter Set-up PDF.
  • There is a lessened ecological impact with fewer chemicals, less water evaporation, and electricity use.

Coverstar – 100% Canadian

Coverstar™ is a 100% Canadian manufacturer, (with local support in Vaughn, ON) and an installer of contemporary, safety pool covers since 2004. Choose a high-quality automatic cover in a colour that suits your pool surround and accommodates all pools: standard shaped, free and uniquely shaped, and metal slatted pool covers that can cutouts to accommodate protrusions.