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Pond Installation

Since 2009 we have been the go-to pond builder in Southern Ontario. A backyard pond installation done by an experienced pond designer will provide you with a natural oasis that will grow with you and inspire your own pond and landscaping additions

John Riehl of Passion Pool & Pond connects his clients with nature by way of his beautiful man-made ponds that act as a habitat for many animals and insects.

Ponds, even those that are man-made are living ecosystems and require your knowledgeable maintenance. Algae control and water plant editing are part of a pond’s regular upkeep while keeping a pond oxygenated is crucial for fish. An aerator will help with the latter concern.

Pond areas can mimic natural mud patches and vegetative habitats that support many species of plants, animals, and insects. Likewise, using native plants is crucial for any manmade pond; native wetland plants are one of the most important elements to help wildlife.

A qualified pond installation company will provide you and your family with a life-changing experience, a beautiful ecosystem in your backyard.

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Common Pond Installation Questions

  • What are the steps in pond construction?

    Your vision and our 20 years of pond design and construction experience create a beautifully constructed pond. Choosing a pond’s size and position is step one, then the digging of the pond, electrical and water lines, the installation of rock and landscaping, until beautifully, your pond comes alive.

  • What are the 4 components of pond construction?

    The 4 components of pond construction are said to be:

    • A pond’s aesthetics and design
    • A pond’s cost
    • A pond’s practicality, functionality, or maintenance
    • A pond’s value to you and wildlife, now and in the future
  • How deep should a 1 acre pond be?

    A few things should be considered when designing a 1-acre pond, depending on its use:

    • Fish require a depth of at least four feet to overwinter.
    • The depth of a 1-acre pond depends on its soil structure. Without years of watergrass stabilization, a sandy pond’s sides will collapse over a few years.
  • What does pond construction mean?

    Passion Pool & Pond are experienced pond builders serving Southwestern Ontario. Pond construction refers to the job of designing and digging an artificial pond. Its construction usually includes pond landscaping and planting native water plants and grasses to encourage biodiversity.