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Spa Marvel®

Passion Pool & Pond now offers new, effective, and environmentally safe water treatment products for your spa to beautify bathing and reduce the many chemicals you are now using. The best thing for your spa, Spa Marvel®, is perfect for absent spa owners, those who are eco-conscious, or have sensitive skin.
You’ve loved us for our pools and ponds, and now we are happy to install beautiful, Ontario-built hot tubs/spas.
The very best water quality is essential for a carefree hot tub/spa experience, and it is easy to achieve with our four Spa Marvel® water treatment products. Not only is your bathing comfort increased, but you’ll also see less wear and tear on the equipment due to less calcification and chemical build-up. See all four products below.

Enjoy the benefits of Spa Marvel® Water Treatment & Conditioner:

  • Eliminate itching, rashes, odours, or coughing.
  • Save money on less frequent water changes.
  • Reduce chemicals in your spa.
  • Help preserve water pH and alkalinity.
  • Reduce and prevent spa foam.
  • Put an end to water scum lines.
  • Naturally gentle for your skin, hair, and bathing suit.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Softer water moisturizes your skin.
  • Eliminate the need to shower afterward.
  • One bottle of Spa Marvel® lasts three months.
Pool Remodeling

Passion Pool & Pond is proud to carry Spa Marvel®, a brand new high-quality water-treatment product line for your spa:

  • Choose a highly effective and environmentally friendly enzyme formula line of products.
  • Prevent the calcification of your spa equipment and the buildup of minerals that can impair your spa’s water quality.
  • Use a Spa Marvel® X10 Water Filter that outperforms other filters by removing more contaminants and odours.
  • Prevent naturally occurring water metals and minerals from entering your hot tub/spa. Iron, sulphur, copper, lead, mercury, and aluminum buildup around your spa’s heating elements reducing their effectiveness.
  • Convert calcium in the water to a form that remains suspended, eliminating calcification around your water features.
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Please call us to find out how you can change, enhance, and condition your spa’s water quality and add years to its life with these effective products:

  • Spa Marvel® Water Treatment & Conditioner
  • Spa Cleanser
  • The X10 Water Filter with activated charcoal
  • Filter Cleaner
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