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Pool Installation

Inground pool installations are construction projects best left to skilled professionals. Whether your backyard vision includes a perfect, cost-saving vinyl liner pool, or a chic and durable fibreglass pool, Passion Pool & Pond have been pool installation specialists since 2009.

Where there’s water, there’s a potential for future leaks. Pool installers or pool builders must be skilled in every aspect of a pool’s construction. Passion Pool & Pond has worked hard to become the professional pool installation company and water experts we are today.

We are located near Stratford and regularly travel to install pools in the Kitchener, London, Embro, Ingersol, Woodstock, Baden, and Exeter areas.

Over the years, our team has grown to include pool builders, water-feature installers, landscaping professionals, concrete and stone surround experts, and pool maintenance and repair specialists.

Our multidisciplinary team saves you money while building you the pool that works best for you, your family, and your budget. Pay for your pool project in monthly installments through our financing option.

Vinyl Liner Pool Construction

The most crucial aspect of your vinyl liner pool construction is grading soil elevations considering any nearby structures and future landscaping. Our experienced team gets the construction of your pool right so you can be splashing in your pool worry-free within 10- 14 days.

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Common Pool Installation Questions

  • Is installing an inground pool a good investment?

    Installing an inground pool is a great investment for some people; a special feature will always attract people who share those passions upon a home's sale. Pools are an excellent investment for an active family and a beautiful element around which friends and family can gather.

  • How hard is it to put in an inground pool?

    It is hard to put in an inground pool; there may be little room for equipment in most backyards. Professionals will ensure a hole is dug to a size that allows stone backfill, the pool must be levelled at the proper elevations, and the coping edges and pool surround must be perfectly graded.

  • How do I install an inground pool myself?

    Before installing an inground pool by yourself, submit plans and obtain permits. Either dig the hole yourself or have it dug, erect the walls, level the area, add the structural bracing, finish the floor, add plumbing, lighting, and electrical, attach the vinyl liner and invite friends and family.

Pool Remodeling

Fiberglass Pool Installers

Fibreglass is a highly durable material made of molten glass and resins. Its tensile strength benefits many products, including high-quality molded pools. A fibreglass pool is worth the money; it can last decades and its style options and custom designs make it the preference for beautiful backyards.

Passion Pool & Ponds proudly installs composite fibreglass pools from world-renowned Imagine Pools. We love their engineering integrity, minimal chemical usage, and beautiful pool designs and colours. See all of Imagine Pools colours, pool styles, and construction benefits.

You’ll love their sparkling new colour, Seaside Sky, shown here, perfect for a resort feel for your backyard pool. Learn More