Shakespeare Pool Installation


Shakespeare Pool Installations

When choosing a pool installer, many years of experience combined with great reviews will help you make the right decision. Jonathan has been wowing clients since 2009 with his custom pool installations. Call us to help you determine the right pool for you in Shakespeare and the surrounding areas.

Passion Pool & Pond knows that pools are a significant investment. Saving you time and money, our talented multi-skilled team ensures you experience the backyard pool vision you’ve been dreaming of. Thoughtful pool planning allows for future additions, to keep your project on budget.

We are specialized vinyl-liner and fibreglass pool installers. Fibreglass pool construction is notoriously difficult and should always be left to a seasoned inground swimming pool builder.
Fibreglass, although compound-strong, is actually very fragile before and during its installation.

Passion Pool & Pond has evolved over the years to offer stone and concrete pool decking, lush water features, and quality pool repairs.

“It all starts with a perfect pool design”
– Jonathan Riehl, Passion Pool & Pond

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