Vinyl Liner Pool Construction

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Vinyl Liner Pool Construction

The ever-popular vinyl liner pool lasts 15 -20 years, has the option of custom shape changes if desired as a future option, and vinyl liner pool construction is relatively fast. For these reasons, a vinyl liner pool has long been the top choice as the best low to mid-range, priced pool.

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We provide vinyl liner pool installation if you live in the London, Kitchener, Stratford, Baden, Exeter, Ingersol, or Woodstock areas.

Vinyl liner pool costs vary depending on their size, shape, and additional features you envision for your family backyard project. Vinyl pool installation costs are approximately $25,000 to $45,000, much less than a fibreglass pool and because Passion Pool & Pond is a team of multi-skilled professionals, you’ll save money.

A vinyl pool vs fibreglass pool comparison is a measure of their materials; fibreglass is pretty indestructible, made from molten glass and resin, while a vinyl liner pool’s integrity relies on a liner stretched over metal panels.
A vinyl liner pool is a great compromise for anyone willing to change its liner 5-7 years down the road and treat the pool with consideration. Choosing to use salt water instead of chlorine water will extend the life of your vinyl liner.

Common Pool Installation Questions

  • What is behind a vinyl pool liner?

    Behind the walls of a vinyl liner pool lies the plumbing lines and the metal (or plastic) support structure that retains the pool’s shape and prevents it from bulging outward with the weight of the water. The open area is then backfilled with a combination of sand and gravel.

  • How are vinyl liner pools built?

    Vinyl liner pools are built starting with a hole dug larger than the pool size to allow structural braces, plumbing, and electrical behind wall panels of steel, plastic, or aluminum. A cement or sand base is laid, the liner is attached, and the pool surround and coping finish the project.

  • Are vinyl liner inground pools good?

    Vinyl liner inground pools are perfect for many reasons. They are fast to install, cost less than fibreglass pools, and are known for easy maintenance. Vinyl liner pools are good because they’re offered in almost endless shapes and styles that you can alter even years later.

  • How does a pool liner attached?

    Start with two people holding the deep end section and two more dragging the other corners to the shallow end when attaching a pool liner. Line up the seams horizontally and snap the liner tracks in place. Suction the liner to the walls using a vacuum hose or two behind the liner.