Tips For How to Close a Hot Tub For Winter


We love to sit in a winter hot tub with sizzling snowflakes all around, but there may come a time when you need to close your hot tub for the winter. So, we’ve compiled our best tips for closing a hot tub below.

During the winter, once you turn off your hot tub, you risk damaging parts of your hot tub by allowing any water to freeze. Let’s go through 11 great tips to help you make sure everything is safe so you can put your spa / hot tub to bed for the winter without further worry.

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1. Clean your thermal cover

It’s never a bad time to clean your thermal cover. Use a marine vinyl cleaner specifically designed for spa covers, never a detergent, or one with silicone, bleach, or alcohol. 

  • Pay attention to areas where water collects, as these will be the grimiest spots. 
  • Use vegetable oil to soften pine gum and remove it with a dull edge blade or your fingernail (or wrap a tarp or winter spa cover over your cover until the sap stops dripping in early summer)
  • Check the cover clips for damage, and if you see tears, cover the whole thing with a tarp until you can properly repair it next year.
  • The final vinyl step is wiping the cover with a vinyl conditioner to help protect it from dirt and damage from UV rays.
  • Don’t use a shovel to remove snow. Use a brush.

2. Clean and remove the filters

Clean the filters and filter basket and store them inside.

3. Drain the hot tub/spa

If you have a gravity drain, take off the cap, attach a hose to the spigot, and direct the drainage toward a low point in your yard. Leave the drain spout open and keep the cap indoors in a marked plastic bag.

4. Drain the pump housing, heater, and filter canister

Loosen the heater and pump couplers, and remove the bleed valves or drains. Use a shop vac if desired to remove all the water to ensure there will be no damage from water-freeze expansion. Tighten the couplers and plug in the drains again. 

5. Blow air through your jet nozzles

Turn each nozzle to the open position and use a shop vac to blow air through each nozzle.

6. Dry the interior of the hot tub

If you like, dry the interior with a towel or shop vac.

7. Use a cleaner to clean the interior of the hot tub

Leave a towel in the bottom to absorb any wintertime moisture.

8. Turn on the air blower

Replace your spa thermal cover, turn on the power and turn on the air blower for about a minute to blow any water out of the air lines.

9. Make sure your cover is securely in place

The last thing you want is a winter storm to pull your cover off, causing damage. Add a winter spa cover or tarp for added protection.

10. Keep your equipment hatch door closed tightly

It may be a bad idea for mice to overwinter in the equipment cabinet. They may accidentally chew things.

11. Turn off the main power to your hot tub

Turn off the breaker at the main electrical panel and disconnect the electrical from the outside.

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Even if you’re keeping your hot tub open for the winter, it’s a good idea to: 

  • Invest in a well-insulated and tight-fitting hot tub/spa cover
  • Be aware your water levels will evaporate more quickly in the dry winter air
  • Stay on top of cleanliness hot tub rules since you’ll have fewer cleaning opportunities 
  • Lower the jet action since jets pull in outside air, cooling down your spa