Winterizing and Closing a Pool 


Closing a pool isn’t difficult, but with the risk of burst water lines, it is best to leave shutting down a pool to the experts. Here are our team’s pool closing steps to ensure your pool is safe and ready for next year.
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Passion Pool & Pond are pool and pond, installation specialists. We have many years of experience regarding pool closings and openings.

How we winterize or close your pool:

We try to pick a sunny fall day to hose down and scrub items. We ensure they’re clean and allow them to dry completely. We can place your pool accessories where you like or arrange your preferred options with you regarding.

  • Remove pool equipment and extras. We remove all of it; the ladder, steps, skimmer baskets, and solar covers. We hose off and scrub the equipment to remove algae. 
  • Shock the pool. We use either chlorine-added or non-chlorine shock. The initial level readings will be between 10-12 ppm. We test the levels to ensure the chlorine level is between 1.5-3.5 ppm before we add the cover.
  • Lower the water level in the pool. Water expands during the act of freezing. It is necessary for our province to allow for that expansion with extra space. We lower the water level to about a foot below a mesh skimmer cover and about 6 inches below the level of a solid skimmer cover. We may need to allow one or two days for water removal.
  • Drain pool equipment of water. We blow out all the water from the water lines of the pool and drain the pump. We do the same to the heater, and chlorinating equipment, and drain and clean the filters. Cartridge filters must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before storing. We inspect the cartridge filter at this time for damage. The filter plugs remain out to avoid freezing and cracking in case water accidentally enters the filters. We can store all the plugs in the skimmer basket to help you easily find them next year.
  • Add an amount of Algaecide. Just before putting the cover on, we add Algaecide. 
  • Put the pool cover on your pool. A safety cover must be anchored; a winter pool cover is not. At the minimum, we tarp your pool and secure it with water bags. However, Passion Pool & Pond always recommends safety covers for the best protection of people and animals. 

If you’re considering a safety pool cover, we suggest Coverstar, a Canadian, quality-driven manufacturer of pool safety covers.  


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