What is Behind a Vinyl Pool Liner?

Vinyl Pool Liner

Vinyl Pool Liner: Easy to Install and Customizable

Vinyl liners are a popular pool surface choice for two main reasons: affordability and customization. A professional can create a custom liner to fit your pool’s exact dimensions and install it quickly. Compared to other pool types, Vinyl pool liner installations are typically faster and less expensive. An experienced crew can replace a vinyl liner in just a few hours!

What’s Beneath the Liner? Choosing the Base Material

The best base material for your vinyl pool liner depends on your specific needs and landscape. Here’s a breakdown of common options:

  • Concrete: A strong and durable choice, ideal for complex landscapes.
  • Steel: Highly durable for uneven or rocky areas.
  • Structural Polymers: A good option for simpler landscapes, offering ease of use and good strength.

What Happens if Water Gets Behind the Liner?

Several factors can cause a vinyl pool liner to lift, including heavy rain. Unlike fiberglass pools, vinyl liners are not removable. A broken seal allows water behind the liner, causing wrinkles, bubbles, or lifting. It’s important not to panic! Water intrusion often happens due to uncontrollable factors, not necessarily an installation issue.

Consult a Professional for the Best Choice

We recommend consulting a professional to determine the ideal base material for your vinyl pool. They will assess your landscape and recommend the most suitable option for optimal structural integrity.

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