How to Get Rid of Foam in a Hot Tub / Spa


Spa or hot tub foam doesn’t happen often, but how do you remove it when it does? How do you prevent spa foam from forming? Here are several ways to avoid hot tub foam, plus a fail-proof solution-in-a-bottle that is also a water treatment/conditioner that is skin-sensitive and eco-friendly. The only bubbles in your spa will be in your glasses of champagne. 

Basic ways to prevent hot tub foam:

  1. Take a shower and rinse your long hair entirely before getting into a hot tub.
  2. Alternatively, put your hair up and keep it out of the water.
  3. Wash your bathing suit and thoroughly rinse the soap out. 
  4. Don’t spill drinks in a spa.
  5. Drain your spa every three or four months and refill it.
  6. Test your water and balance your hot tub chemicals.
  7. Open your hot tub cover occasionally; the circulation of fresh air and sunlight does wonders for keeping your spa or hot tub fresh.
  8. Use a product like Spa Marvel that eliminates and prevents foam 100% of the time.

What causes spa or hot tub foam?

Shampoos, hair products, body lotions and oils, deodorants, make-up, derma (skin), and inexpensive spa chemicals can create foam, but how does it happen? 

  • Soft water: Don’t fill your hot tub or spa with soft water as it breaks surface tension in your water, increasing foaming in your hot tub.
  • Unbalanced water: Test your hot tub water every ten days to ensure a balance of pH, sanitizers, and alkalinity. 
  • Inferior chemical use: Too many or lesser quality chemicals can cause foam in your spa.

Surfactants, oils, and air create foam in a hot tub.

Surfactants are surface-active agents, according to the Britannica dictionary, that break water’s surface tension, allowing oils and soaps to form a thin skin on the water’s surface. The introduction of air from the spa jets creates bubbles under the surface skin; the bubbles continue to increase, lasting longer and longer as more bubbles are made, as it becomes a thick foam.

It is difficult to remove all foam since surfactants, and oils will always be in your water. Therefore, we also include a hot tub anti-foam solution that provides many more benefits for a spa; a high-quality water treatment product called Spa Marvel. Passion Pool & Pond believes in it enough to give it a page on our website. See it here.

Using a de-foamer,  balancing your hot tub chemicals and keeping your shampoos and oils out of your spa water is the best way to avoid occasional hot tub foam. 

As your local hot tub and spa installers, Spa Marvel checks many discerning spa owners’ requirements. It; 

  • Prevents spa foam
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Eliminates itching and coughing
  • Eco-friendly
  • Saves on water changes
  • Softens the water
  • Ends scum lines
  • Lessens minerals in the water, adding longevity to your equipment. 

What else should be managed in your spa/hot tub water?

Biofilm. Biofilm is sticky bacteria and microorganisms that attach themselves to surfaces underwater and create a protective slime layer that covers the biofilm. Your chlorine or bromine directs more of its sanitizing power to the slime layer, lessening foam prevention. 

Use a product like Spa Marvel to eliminate biofilm from your hot tub.

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