How Do You Maintain a Pool?

Maintaining a pool can be tedious, especially if you’ve never done it before or if you haven’t taken the time to create a proper maintenance regime. In order to enjoy your pool and use it for years to come, it’s important that you make both cleaning and maintenance a priority.

Maintaining your pool regularly will ensure your pool is clean, and safe for continuous use. Regular maintenance will ensure there aren’t any leaves, debris, or algae in your pool, meaning its always ready for you to enjoy. In this article, we will dive into tips, tricks, and best practices for maintaining your pool.

  1. Clean the skimmer basket and skim off debris

    Skimming should be an integral part of your pool maintenance regime. Skimming is often done first as this process normally removes any of the surface level debris that can be found on your pool. The skimmer basket will also ensure any debris is caught and doesn’t get stuck in the remainder of your filtration system. Turning off your pool and emptying your skimmer basket should be done frequently.

    A long-handled skimmer can be used to remove any debris from the surface of your pool like sticks, leaves, bugs, and any other fallen debris. Taking a proactive stance and cleaning any unwanted debris before it moves to the bottom of the pool will help eliminate the risk of an algae or slime build up on the bottom of your pool.

  2. Remove the sediment from the walls and vacuum

    Over time, algae and small bits of debris may start sticking to the walls of your pool, along with pool fixtures, including ladders and slides. In order to get rid of this debris, you will want to brush the algae, and any built up sediment from the walls of your pool. After you’ve completed this step, you can get to work on vacuuming any build up that may have accumulated on the base of your pool.

  3. Clean the filter

    Cleaning and maintaining the filter is necessary so that the debris in your pool doesn’t accumulate in the filter. A dirty filter can pose a variety of threats including dirty water, poor circulation, and a cloudy pool. When water passes through your filter, debris tends to cling to the filter which can cause a sluggish filter if not maintained. Cleaning your filter once or twice a week as needed is essential for keeping a crystal-clear pool.

  4. Test pool water & add chemicals

    Depending on the type of pool you have, you may need to add chemicals to tend to the balance of your pool. Chemicals are usually used to keep everything balanced and clean. If you opt for a natural pool, you may not need to worry about balancing your pool with chemicals.

    Occasionally, it can also be extremely important to test the water on your pool. Testing your water will ensure everything is good to go so you and your guests can swim and enjoy the water without worry. Testing your water is often as easy as collecting a small sample and testing it with a test strip. Your local pool supply store will have everything you need to complete this process.

  5. Opt for a robot

    If you’re super busy, or just looking for a way to keep your pool squeaky clean, you may want to consider a robot! Robots are great alternatives for busy professionals or people that may just simply not have the time to prioritize maintenance.

If you aren’t sure where to start, its best to consult a professional

Owning a swimming pool is one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy a summer season at home, but in order to enjoy your pool, you must take frequent maintenance into consideration. These steps will ensure you’re able to maintain a crystal-clear pool with ease. If you’re still weary, our team would be happy to discuss your needs and follow up with a solution. Years of experience have equipped us with the knowledge and know-how to care for pools of all kinds.