How Do You Lay Out a Pool?

Laying out a pool is no easy task. In order to successfully lay out a pool it’s important to understand the key components that go into the design process. If you fail to do your prep work, it may ultimately lead to a mishap or two down the road. Being diligent and thorough with a blueprint upfront will ensure you avoid any hurdles throughout the process. To avoid any delays during the design process, you will want to make sure you accurately lay out your pool.

Here are a few factors you must considering before laying out your pool:

Create a Plan

To properly execute your backyard oasis, it is important to start with a Pool Construction Plan. This document will lay out key elements like the pool location, entry points, pool deck, access to machinery, and much more. In some cases, these plans will note land elevations, easements, as well as any local rules and regulations. These documents will note all variables to ensure all variables are covered. These documents will eventually be leveraged to create the blueprint which will then be used as a benchmark for the entire project. After you and your contractor have agreed upon the blueprint, your contractor can get to work on securing any permits that may be necessary to move forward with the project.

Layout the Pool

This step is an essential part of the pool design process as it will be your last opportunity to make any changes to your initial plan before you begin the excavation process. Before your contractors start digging, it’s important to account for any additional changes or costs that may occur as a result of the project.


Before undertaking any major project you must first consult your local bylaws or municipalities to make sure you aren’t breaking any zoning laws in your area. These laws differ based on your municipality but there are generally requirements that must be considered in accordance with septic systems, property lines, wells, sewage, pool barriers, and gate fixtures. In addition, you must also make sure that you have enough space for your desired project.

Use of Space

The layout process is your time to make sure you’re making the most of your property. You only have so much greenspace meaning it’s important to be mindful and use your space wisely. The steps of the layout process will allow you to make sure that you are content with your design. Once the pool is laid out, appropriate changes may be made at an additional cost.

This process involves materials like string lines, marking paint, tape measures, nails or wooden forms. The pool outline is then marked with paint, nails or forms in order to serve as a guide for your beautiful new pool. This will serve as an exact outline for the excavation crew to avoid any confusion when the excavation process begins.

Do you have follow up questions about laying out a pool?

As a homeowner, it’s extremely important that you’re heavily involved in the layout process. Being involved from start to finish will ensure your pool is situated exactly where you would like. In addition, it’s best to work with a team of experienced professionals. Laying out a pool is a massive undertaking, and you shouldn’t go it alone.

Hiring a trusted professional means you will have an expert by your side to guide you through the entire process. Our team would be happy to be by your side during the design process, while gathering any permits and supervising any landscape or construction needs in order to ensure your project is completed properly.