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Pool Maintenance

A weekly pool maintenance checklist can include vacuuming, cleaning a pool, as well as swimming pool filter cleaning, checking a pool’s water level, and testing water chemistry. A complete seasonal pool schedule can make daily and weekly cleaning routines easier and more efficient.

Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance is a must in order to have clean water and prevent future repairs. Pool cleaning, running the pump every day, filtering, skimming, and chemical testing all help prevent pool algae growth.

A beginner’s guide to pool maintenance includes doing the minimum; running the pool pump and checking the water level daily, to skimming, cleaning, and vacuuming the pool weekly. Owning a pool flexes new muscles, in more ways than one. However, your inground pool maintenance will quickly become part of a rewarding routine.

Water circulation and pool filtration systems are swimming pool maintenance services near you that can be inspected from London, Ontario, to Ingersoll, Wellesley, Stratford, Dutton, Kitchener, St. Marys, or New Hamburg.

All the best parts of life require care and upkeep and a swimming pool will reward you and your family because of the regular maintenance you provide it.

Common Pool Maintenance Questions

  • How much does it cost to pay for maintenance for my swimming pool this year in Ontario?

    Pool maintenance costs depend on the pool material, the size of the pool, and how often maintenance is scheduled. An average-sized vinyl or fibreglass pool can be maintained twice a month, before factoring in chemical costs for approximately $900-$1,000 a season.

  • How often should a pool be serviced?

    Once a week is a minimum that a pool should be serviced or maintained; brushing and surface should be skimmed to remove insects, leaves, and debris to ensure the pump vacuuming of debris and algae. Your pump should be run daily to filter the water so it doesn’t clog.

  • How do you maintain a pool?

    Brushing, vacuuming, and skimming are the basics of pool maintenance. Monitor your pool’s water level and run the pump long enough daily to ensure the water is filtered correctly. The circulation system, which includes the pump, strainer, filter, and skimmer, should be regularly checked.

  • Does a swimming pool need a lot of maintenance?

    Generally speaking, a swimming pool needs a lot of maintenance. However, the best things in life require work, upkeep, and care, so many people take advantage of their pool maintenance time as a time to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Choosing early morning is a beautiful time for pool maintenance.