Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pool

What Makes A Natural Swimming Pool Different?

A natural swimming pool is a uniquely constructed body of water for swimming that contains water that is sterilized through the use of biological filters and plants that are rooted in an area that is separate from the area used for swimming or bathing. A natural swimming pool replicates the environment of a natural body of water.

Why Choose A Natural Swimming Pool

A natural swimming pool is a beautiful and green alternative to a traditional swimming pool. With the preservation of our environment becoming more and more important many are choosing eco-friendly alternatives, the same is true when choosing a swimming pool. A traditional swimming pool uses chemicals that are not as eco-friendly as the plants and biological filters used in a natural swimming pool. A natural swimming pool is sustainable and produces a low carbon footprint. A natural swimming pool is also aesthetically pleasing, and can bring together an outdoor landscape design in a distinctive manner.

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Natural Swimming Pool Filter

How A Natural Pool Filters

A natural swimming pool uses four different components to filter and clean your pool.

  • Regeneration Zone
    • The plants and microbes in this area of the pool help to clean the water.
  • Skimming
    • The skimmer catches floating debris that can make its way into the pool.
  • Biological Filter
    • This filter removes smaller particles from the water.
  • Pump
    • The energy-efficient pump pulls water into the filter, then returns it to the swimming area.

Natural Swimming Pool Options

Similar to a traditional swimming pool a natural swimming pool offers unlimited design options to suit your outdoor space. There are two main designs when looking at a natural swimming pool: Single Chamber Design and Multi-Chamber Design. This allows us to build your natural swimming pool exactly how you would like. We are able to convert your existing traditional swimming pool into a natural swimming pool, giving you freedom from chemicals and chlorine.

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