Is it Better to Cover a Pool or Leave it Open?


Swimming pools are a fantastic way to relax, exercise, and enjoy leisure time. However, as with most things that offer numerous benefits, they require maintenance. Before delving deeper into our topic, it’s crucial to understand the context of the decision. When you cover a pool, you fundamentally change how you interact with and maintain this cherished feature of your home.

When we ask, “Should we cover a pool or leave it open?” we are, in fact, evaluating a multitude of factors. This decision is more complex than it might initially appear, given that weather, safety, maintenance costs, and even aesthetic appeal play a role. With our extensive experience at Passion Pool & Pond, we’re here to guide you through this decision-making process.

The Pros and Cons of Leaving a Pool Open

Benefits of an Open Pool

There’s no denying the natural beauty of an open, sparkling pool. It is immediately inviting, promising refreshing dips on hot days and spontaneous enjoyment anytime you like. Keeping it open for those who frequently use their pool ensures easier access.

Downsides of an Open Pool

However, leaving a pool open means it is exposed to debris like leaves, dust, and insects, requiring more frequent cleaning. Furthermore, the water and chemicals will evaporate faster, leading to increased maintenance costs.

The Pros and Cons of Covering a Pool

Benefits of a Covered Pool

Covering a pool when not in use can protect it from the aforementioned debris, leading to lower maintenance requirements. It also ensures safety for children and pets by preventing unintended access. Plus, a pool cover can significantly reduce water and chemical evaporation, potentially saving you money in the long run.

Downsides of a Covered Pool

On the downside, setting up and removing a pool cover might require a bit of effort, depending on your type of cover. Some may also feel that a pool cover detracts from the aesthetic appeal of their backyard. Moreover, a good quality pool cover can be a significant investment, although many find it worthwhile given the benefits.

Factors to Consider in Making Your Decision

As we explore the factors to consider when deciding whether to cover a pool or leave it open, we’re not only touching upon the operational aspect, but also individual preferences, safety concerns, and financial considerations. Here are some specific factors to contemplate:

Consider the Climate

The geographical location and local climate are significant aspects to consider. If you live in an area with a lot of wind and trees, you’ll find that debris is a frequent issue, and a pool cover might be an excellent investment. Alternatively, evaporation rates are high in dry and hot climates, so a cover could save a considerable amount of water and chemicals.

Safety First

For those with children or pets, safety is a primary concern. A pool cover can provide an additional layer of safety by preventing unintended access to the pool when you’re not around. Various types of safety covers are available, ranging from manual to automated solutions that can be deployed with the push of a button.

Aesthetic Preferences

Your personal taste and how you envision your backyard oasis are crucial factors too. Some people love the look of a pristine, open pool, while others might prefer the neat and tidy appearance of a covered pool.

Maintenance and Budget

The decision to cover a pool or leave it open also has implications for pool maintenance requirements. An open pool may require more frequent cleaning, whereas a covered pool can reduce the time and cost of maintenance. Pool covers, especially high-quality ones, can be an investment but often pay off in the long run.

Assessing Your Usage Pattern

Consider how often you use your pool. If your pool is used constantly, you may find a cover unnecessary or inconvenient. On the other hand, if your pool is used less frequently, a cover might make more sense.

What Passion Pool & Pond Can Do for You

At Passion Pool & Pond, we understand these nuances and cater to each client’s unique needs and circumstances. We provide expert services related to pool covers and overall pool maintenance. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction has won us loyal customers who trust us with their dream pools.

Regarding pool maintenance and the decision to cover or leave your pool open, Passion Pool & Pond is ready to offer you a wealth of services tailored to your unique needs and preferences, including our partnership with Coverstar™, a respected Canadian company specializing in high-quality pool covers.

Your Pool, Your Choice

Ultimately, whether to cover a pool or leave it open is a personal decision that depends on individual needs and circumstances. We recommend considering the pros and cons carefully before making your choice. And remember, whether you decide to keep your pool covered or open, Passion Pool & Pond is here to help you with all your pool maintenance needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact Passion Pool & Pond at (519) 949 0774 or online for any advice or assistance you may need for your pool, hot tub, or pond.