Can a Pool be Patched with Water in it?

If you notice your pool is leaking, it may be a tell-tale sign that it needs to be patched. The longer you leave something like his, the greater the chance you have of risking a larger repair. Luckily, patching a pool with water in it isn’t a difficult process. After you’ve identified where the leak is, you can repair it without having to drain your pool. If your leak is under water, you can purchase a kit that enables you to fix the leak without draining the pool. When choosing a material to patch your pool with, it’s best to choose something that matches your liner.

As stated above, this is a simplistic process. You can choose to go it alone or call a professional. In this article we will outline each step that must be taken when patching a pool with water in it while covering common causes.

Patching is a three- step process

Patching a pool with water in it is a simple process and only requires three simple steps. First, you need to source the materials you need to fix the leak then you need to determine where your pool is leaking. After you’ve completed these two steps you can get to work on fixing the leak.

  1. Locate your supplies

    Depending on the type of leak you have you may require a variety of supplies including snorkeling gear, goggles, a leak repair kit, and pool dye. If this process seems intimidating, you may want to consider hiring a professional that can come in and fox the leak. This way you won’t have to worry about purchasing supplies or seeing the repair through to fruition.

  2. Detect the tear

    Before you can detect the tear, you must make sure the water in your pool is clean. This will help you identify any tears in your liner. After this step, you must turn off your pump so the water in your pool is calm. Now it’s time to get to work on locating the tear. Using snorkeling gear and goggles, move slowly around your pool and search for the tear. If your search comes up empty you may want to consider using small amounts of pool dye. The dye will automatically move towards tears, and you will then be able to locate the hole.

  3. Patch the tear(s)

    After detecting the tears in the pool liner, you must clean the area around the tear thoroughly and cut a patch from your pool repair kit. The patch must be an inch larger than the tear. Next, you must place the patch on the tear and spread waterproof epoxy or cement on the patch’s underside. You will then fold the patch and put it over the tear. Next, you will want to smooth the patch from the centre out.

What causes tears?

There are a variety of reasons in which you may find a tear in your pool liner. Factors include but are not limited to the wear and tear that comes with a vinyl lining, direct sun or UV rays, or chemicals that are used to prevent algae. Despite these common occurrences, it’s important to remember that tears aren’t difficult to fix, even when your pool still has water in it.

Are you ready to patch your pool?

Patching a pool with water in it, especially yourself, is possible. If you are following the step-by-step patching process outlined above, you will have nothing to worry about. Simply follow this guide and be sure to purchase a quality pool patching kit.